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  • Planet Fest Season 1The Planet of Fans Presents Planet Fest Season 1

    Sat, Dec 28, 2019

    Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium)

    07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Lahore, Pakistan


Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium)

Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gaddafi Stadium)

Alhamra Cultural Complex (Gadaffi Stadium) is a multiuse cultural complex which is used to display major cultural activities of Lahore. The theater is located on large green areas near well-known canal of Lahore. Its impressing brick facade used with regional characteristics such as handmade Multani tiles is an amazing combination of the modern-day and the traditional classicism of the Roman coliseum. The multipurpose theater has been designed keeping in mind the requirements necessary to present drama, music, cultural meals and large scale concerts. This cultural center offers entertainment for the entire family and teenagers alike. It is also the best place to create ambitious productions. There are two main halls in the stadium, one is The Open Air Theater with a capacity of about 6,000 seats and other is the Theater having about 1,000 seats.

Alhamra Cultural Complex (near Gaddafi Stadium)
Hafeez Kardar Road,

Section / Block




General Admission

750 PKR

Coming Soon

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Falak ShabirFalak Shabir Live in Concert

Falak Shabir is a famous singer and songwriter from Pakistan. Falak will perform live on 13th August 2017 at PC Bhurban. He sings in the genres of pop and rock. He is referred as the "King of Soul Style" and "Mr. Unplugged". He has released two studio albums titled as Rog and Judah.

Falak Shabir

The Planet of FansEvent Organizer for Falak Shabir

The Planet of FansWe are event management company based in Lahore and presenting the Fantastic Music Night with Falak Shabir.

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