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  • Hua Kuch YoonSatirical Theatre Play - Live in Lahore

    Mon, Jan 08 - Wed, Jan 24, 2018

    Alhamra Art Center

    07:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Lahore, Pakistan

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Alhamra Art Center

Alhamra Art Center

Lahore is the cultural capital of the country and Alhamra is the heart of Lahore. It was designed by illustrious Architect Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada and is located on Mall Road that has been renamed as Shahrah Quaid-e-Azam. It is also called as the Alhamra Hall, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore Arts Council and Alhamra Art Gallery. Alhamra Arts Council offers various artists of all genres with space and opportunity to their art. There are six theatres and auditoriums that arrange various programs in areas of music, concerts, seminars, lectures, drama, workshops, award ceremonies and school functions. Its art gallery is the largest in the province that arranges art shows whole of the year. It also has an academy conducting music instruments learning courses including guitar, tabla, flute, violin, harmonium and sitar.

Alhamra Art Center
68 Mall Road

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1,500 PKR

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Hua Kuch YoonLive Theatre Play

Hua Kuch Yoon, a satirical Theatre play will be staged from 8th to 24th January 2018 at Alhamra Arts Council, The Mall, Lahore. It is being presented by KopyKats Productions. It is written by Sajid Hasan and is directed by Dawar Mehmood. It is prelude to Sarhay 14 August Say Pehlay. It is set against an Indo-Pak background. The play will run across the country for seven months. It will begin from Peshawar on 22nd November 2017. It will head to multiple cities of Pakistan. It will finally conclude with a spell in Karachi in April 2018.

Hua Kuch Yoon is a fictitious account of two love stories, present day and past, depicting the trials and tribulations of lovers caught up in the revolutionary web, between Pakistan and India. With a humorous angle, it looks at how the lives of people can sometimes be effected by two warring countries. Mishal and Yasin find themselves dead but alive, after a fatal accident, in a strange place where all is possible, barring a few things. After discovering that they must marry to be together, they decide to tie the knot. However, two strange men, Bunta and Janta, advise them to not to get married. "Why?", the lovers protest. In response, they are narrated the story of Qurat-ul-Ain and Raja Mahmood, two victims of Jallianwala Bagh, who survived, and their tragic love story. The play chronicles the events of partition and history, merging them in a wonderful journey of nostalgia that is bound to get tears into the eye.

Call for Information: 03212049423 / 03456350821
Hua Kuch Yoon

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