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Rock NightRafi Peer Theatre Workshop presents Mozam Mir, Badnaam Band & Madlock in Live Concert

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is organizing Rock Night on 15 April 2017. Live Concert will feature Mozam Mir, Badnaam Band and Madlock. Venue for this gig will be Peeru's Cafe in Lahore. Music fans in Lahore and nearby cities enjoy this extravaganza event.

Mozam Mir is a musician, entrepreneur and activist who grew up in England and Holland. He has great passion for rock music. He has always loved to perform in this mainstream musical genre. He is performing his own songs and 70's and 80’s rock and commercial stuff also.

Rock Night

Rafi Peer Theatre WorkshopEvent Organizer for Rock Night

Rafi Peer Theatre WorkshopRafi Peer Theatre is non-governmental organization (NGO) and promotes Theate & Performing Arts Education in Lahore, Pakistan

Terms & Conditions : Organizers reserve the right of admission to the venue. Admission without passes will not be permitted.

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