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LUMS Music FestLUMS Music Festival

LUMS Music Fest is a 3-day national level event which features Concerts, singing competitions and battle of the bands. It is organized by The Music Society of LUMS and is presented by Djuice. LUMS Music Festival '17 will take place from 24 to 26 February 2017.

LUMS Music Fest is the biggest celebration of music and the love of music across Pakistan. LUMS Music Festival is the highlight of the year for most of the young aspiring musicians of Pakistan. International delegates also enthusiastically participate in the event. The festival serves as a platform for potential musicians to network, interact, inspire each other. It provides them opportunity to enjoy their love of music through a series of social events and music-centric mini competitions. LUMS Music Fest is back again for the fifth time to inspire hundreds, in fact, thousands of music lovers across the country.

LUMS Music Fest

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