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Big Data and AnalyticsRole and Opportunities in Big Data and Analytics

A substantial share of today’s industry and research requires skills over Big Data and Analytical tools and techniques. Considering the significance of the topic The University of Lahore and Nationals ICT R&D Fund is organizing a 3-Day workshop for Big Data and Analytics. This workshop will provide hands-on training sessions for the tools and techniques used for Big Data and Analytics. It will include machine learning algorithms, Data extraction over web/cloud, Big Data processing using Python, Spark and Hadoop.
Big Data and Analytics

CS & IT Department ,UOLEvent Organizer for Big Data and Analytics

CS & IT Department ,UOLThe University of Lahore (UOL) has played a major role in enhancing learning and research activities among students by provide them a great platform of learning. Our Mission is to create self enlightenment between students through Quality education. We always try to enhance the potential of our students by motivating and directing them to right path. We always believe in highlighting the achievements of students, who want to study in the private sector, with a greater choice of courses. This objective has always been strengthened by developing excellence in teaching, learning and research at UOL.

Terms & Conditions : Only registered participant eligible for full workshops perks

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