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FAST Music Society is going to organise the “FAST Music Fest”, a two day musical mega event that is suggested to take place every year as a competition that caters to the musical talent from all the reputable contemporary educational institutions.

FAST Music Fest will be held on 28th and 29th January 2017 at FAST- NUCES, Lahore. It will be a two day event and every day will be focused on a genre based theme. The idea is to awaken the passion for music in our audiences as well as contestants at the event. We want to make this event the most memorable one for the audience of FAST Lahore, and an opportunity for students all over Pakistan to showcase their musical skills which would not only be a refreshing experience but will also attract the necessary attention of people affiliated with the music industry of Pakistan.

Categories of event

The event comprises of three different competitions:

-Individual singing competition (Western)
-Individual singing competition (Eastern)
-Battle of Bands

Various theme based social activities will be held to get the teams familiar with other institutes and to make a harmonious environment. A closing gig/concert will take place for the entertainment of the FAST NU crowd, and finally, the closing ceremony will be held to recognize the outstanding performers along the course of the two day event, and the winners and runners up.

So get ready, people of FAST for two unforgettable days of unlimited musical entertainment, and steel yourself to FACE THE MUSIC!
FAST Music Fest

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