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Sozo Water ParkCanal Bank Road Lahore

Sozo Water Park offers a cover to escape from intense summer heat of Lahore and the whole country. Sozo is derived from Greek word salvation. It is one of the few water-related enjoyment parks in the city. It is a main hub for entertainment seeking public. The park has three pools in it. One is uniformly deep with all levels of water in it and the depth gradually increases in the other two.

There are many slides in it also that fall into the pool. The park also has a large bucket in it called "Balti" by people. There is a lot of water in it. Whole of water is poured down from it after every few minutes and people come under it to enjoy this fall of water. Then it is filled again and water is poured down from it again. There is a counter inside it where you can submit your belongings when you are busy in swimming.

Sozo Water Park

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