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Medley EveningMedley Evening with Sarmad Qadeer & Farhana Maqsood

Medley Evening, a music concert will take place on 23rd December 2017 at Chiniot Hockey Stadium, Chiniot. Upcoming music artists Sarmad Qadeer and Farhana Maqsood will perform. This gig is organized by Sahara Production. They are supported by E4U Studios Pakistan in collaboration with Leo Productions. People in Chiniot and nearby cities enjoy the Medley Evening with Sarmad Qadeer & Farhana Maqsood.

Call for Information: 03319660965 / 03217855855 / 03127701700
Medley Evening

E4U Studios PakistanEvent Organizer for Medley Evening

E4U Studios PakistanMusic fans be ready for Medley Evening 2017 in Chiniot on 23rd December 2017. This musical concert features Sarmad Qadeer and Farhana Maqsood. This gig is presented by Sahara Production with support from E4U Studios Pakistan and Leo Productions. Be there!

Terms & Conditions : 1) One pass presents only 1 person.
2) No one will be allowed to enter in the family portion.
3) All students bring their result cards for special discounts.

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