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RhymistanHip Hop Music Concert

Rhymistan will be held on 23rd December 2017 at Inner City Art Centre, Lahore. This lethal Hip Hop music concert is organized by O Positive Productions and PK Hip-Hop. A solid lineup representing the real hip-hop culture of Pakistan will perform. There will be beatboxing, freestyling, cyphers & other cool stuff also. Music fans who like rap can join this gig.

Sunny Khan Durrani (Peshawar)
Ansab Khalid Official (Lahore)
S.A.W (Lahore)
Daranti Group (Lahore/Rawalpindi)
Maaz ''The MachineGun''' (Karachi)
IQBAL (Lahore)
Hamza Ali (Karachi)

Call for Information: 03454064728
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