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Stay tuned for upcoming events for LUMS Annual Photography Summit in near future.

LUMS Annual Photography SummitLUMS Annual Photography Summit 2017

LAPS, on behalf of the LUMS Photography Society provides all the aspiring and passionate young photographers of Pakistan with an opportunity to network, interact and learn from not only among themselves but also from us and other great names in the field of photography, through workshops and seminars, photography based competitions and social events.

A breakdown of the event is as follows:

This year, there are 2 categories of Competitions*

-Macro Photography
-Product Photography
-Theme-based Photography
-Event Coverage
-Light painting

-Selfie Story
-Product Photo-Shoot
-Macro Photography
-Photo Scavenger Hunt
-Event Coverage

*Participants will register separately for each category.
**A separate category of Cell Phone Photography is included this year so that the potential and artistic skills of the participants must not be limited to the availability of DSLR. Therefore this time, the only criteria of participating is talent.

These will be held to enhance the photography skills of the participant; the techniques learned in these workshops may or may not be directly required for upcoming LAPS competitions, but will add to the photography skills of the participants. Moreover, participants will get an opportunity to meet famous photographers with inspirational photography stories and learn various new techniques from them.


Opening Ceremony
Delegates will be given a warm welcome with the audience. They will be given a brief overview as to what LAPS is all about and how there is a need to promote photography and the arts in today’s day and age. There will be a speech by our Chief Guest, the LAPS team will be introduced, and the Conference will officially be declared open.

PhotoLums promises an exciting concert like LAPS 2016. The society is known for delivering exhilarating concert and LAPS 2017 social event will be even better. Uzair Jaswal rocked the stage last year and we hope to make it even bigger this year.

Photo Carnival
This year PhotoLums brings a brand new event that will not only showcase the photographs taken by its own amazing team of LAPS 2017 but will also have exciting stalls for food, games and other fun-filled activities where the delegates will get to socialize with one another as well with the entire LUMS student body.

Closing Ceremony
The conference will officially be declared close, and there will be speeches given by our Chief Guest, as well as by the organizers. Winners will be declared after the results are compiled, and the Thematic Dinner will follow.

Thematic Dinner
A dinner with an exhibition of the best works from each competition will be held. It will give delegates final opportunities to not only see the winning works, but also to interact.

For registrations visit:

For further information, Email us at:

Or get a glimpse of LUMS’ society of the year on the following Facebook page:

Don’t forget about LAPS and get sneak peeks from LAPS 2017 on:

Contact information of people behind the scenes:

Zain Mehmood – President PhotoLums: 03314242181
Hassaan Bhalli – Convener: 03224253937
Hussaini Shan-e-Abbas– Convener: 03433775155
Muhammad Tayyab – Vice President PhotoLums: 03238444539
Hanan Ather– General Secretary PhotoLums: 03334851715
LUMS Annual Photography Summit
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