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LUMS PSIFIPsiFi Science Olympiad

LUMS PSIFI is the biggest PsiFi Science Olympiad of Pakistan. LUMS PSIFI IX will take place from 13th to 16th January 2018 at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore. LUMS PSIFI 2018 is designed to become even bigger than previous editions. There are many more events, packed with the thrill and rush of adventure to give you a lifetime experience in the 4 days you will spend at LUMS. So get ready for the Feast of Fun, gear up for PSIFI IX.

LUMS PsiFi is hosted by SPADES (Society for the Promotion And Development Of Engineering and Sciences), a scientific community organisation at LUMS. It includes 13 competitions ranging in mathematics, engineering airplanes, medical diagnosis, robotics and other disciplines. PsiFi competitions include Diagnosis Dilemma, Galactica, Science Crime Busters, Geek Wars, Math Gauge, Rapid Manoeuvre, Th?nk and Vined-Up. PsiFi contents also feature Tour De Mind (TDM), Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM), Robotronics, Race to Infinity, Gear Up, Avionics, Siege and Tech Wars.

LUMS PsiFi was born in 2010 to inculcate a sense of scientific adventurism and a passion for creation in the new scientists of Pakistan. LUMS holds the distinction of being the pioneer of Science Olympiads in Pakistan. LUMS PsiFi features a myriad of events testing your skills and knack for teamwork. Participants compete in a very scientifically nurtured environment. It attracts a large audience from all sorts of background and schools.

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