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Stay tuned for upcoming events for Mango Festival in near future.

Mango FestivalMango Festival Pakistan

Enjoy Mangoes in Mango Festivals.

The first ever summer Mango Festival in Twin Cities.
Eat Mango, Drink Mango, Play Mango , Party Mango, Dream Mango, Live Mango ! Its all about Mangoes.

Mango, the king of fruits is the second major fresh fruit in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mango in the world. For this show we bring to you !

- Varities of Mangoes from All Over Pakistan
- Tasting of Different Mangoes from All Over Pakistan
- Complimentary Mangoes for the participants
- Mango Dishes and Desserts Food Stalls
- Mango Drinks, Juices , Shakes Food Stalls
- Mango and Water Oriented Games and Activites
- Mango Art Competition
- Live Music and Traditional Surprise Performances
- Participation of Dignitaries
- Mango Mascots and Entertainment
- Yellow and White Theme (Surprise Event Planned)

Mango Festival
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