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  • International Food FestivalEvent World presents International Food Festival

    Sat, Mar 17, 2018

    TBD Karachi

    01:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Karachi, Pakistan

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TBD Karachi

TBD Karachi

Venue yet To Be Decided (TBD) in Karachi

Karachi is the financial and commercial capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In line with its status as a major port and the country's largest metropolis, it accounts for a lion's share of Pakistan's revenue. According to the Federal Board of Revenue's 2006–2007 year book, tax and customs units in Karachi were responsible for 46.75% of direct taxes, 33.65% of federal excise tax, and 23.38% of domestic sales tax. Karachi accounts for 75.14% of customs duty and 79% of sales tax on imports. Therefore, Karachi collects 53.38% of the total collections of the Federal Board of Revenue, out of which 53.33% are customs duty and sales tax on imports.
(Note: Revenue collected from Karachi includes revenue from some other areas since the Large Tax Unit (LTU) Karachi and Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur & Quetta cover the entire province of Sindh and Balochistan).
Karachi's indigenous contribution to national revenue is around 25%.

TBD Karachi

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International Food FestivalFamily Food Festival in Karachi

International Food Festival will take place on 17th March 2018 in Karachi. This event is being organized by Event World. This is the Basant special. Taste the delicious mouth watering food with melodious music, passionate bhangra and mystic dhamal. Enjoy this basant with the family food festival. Get ready for the Event World presents International Food Festival.

Call for information: 03340291471
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