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Mystic Music Sufi FestivalRafi Peer Theatre Workshop presents Mystic Music Sufi Festival

Mystic Music Sufi Festival is a spiritual festival which highlights the valuable message of Sufi saints and mystics. It was established in 2000 by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW). Mystic Music Sufi Festival 2017 will be organized on 10-11 February 2017.

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop presents Mystic Music Sufi Festival to challenge the widespread notions about the religion of Islam and Pakistan. It portrays our long-standing traditions of tolerance, harmony, and peace. the festival also provides opportunities for local talent that is often overlooked by other platforms such as mainstream media.

Mystic Music Sufi Festival has showcased participants from many Muslim countries since its start. It brings together a diverse group of Sufi singers to showcase the music that has been passed down through generations for more than a thousand years. Sufi music and art performed by artists from every part of Pakistan embodies the true face of our traditions and artistic abilities. It introduces people to various forms of Sufi singing and devotional expressions, giving a truer depiction of a peaceful Islamic heritage.

Sufi music is a strong part of Rafi Peer Group’s cultural focus. It is a testament to the organisation's interest and commitment to promoting art and culture in all its many forms. Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop believes that Sufi music is an effective tool to affect change in society through a language of oneness and unity. Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop invites everyone to come and join hands and support the promotion of their heritage and traditions, to spread the message of peace all over the world. So that the world could realize that Pakistan is at its core an inclusive nation with a deep and abiding cultural heritage of peace, harmony and compassion.

Mystic Music Sufi Festival

Rafi Peer Theatre WorkshopEvent Organizer for Mystic Music Sufi Festival

Rafi Peer Theatre WorkshopRafi Peer Theatre is non-governmental organization (NGO) and promotes Theate & Performing Arts Education in Lahore, Pakistan

Terms & Conditions : Organizers reserve the right of admission to the venue. Admission without passes will not be permitted.

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