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Comic ConferenceComic Conference 4 - Mazahyia Ijlaas

The 4th edition of DRAMA ED's COMIC CONFERENCE - "Mazahyia Ijlaas" is going to take place at Alhamra Arts Council (Hall # 3) on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st January 2017. There will be a live set of sketch, stand-up and improve comedy.

Tickets, for 300 PKR per person, will be available on the spot.
For online booking, visit:

The Conference is going to host by Shah Fahad and featuring Lahore's finest Comedy troupe Pakistan Tehreek-e-Comedy PTC composed of Ali Ahmed Khan, Bilal Asif, Alee Hassan Shah, Faheem Muzaffar, Usman Qureshi, Sarmed Aftab, Daniyal Nasir, Sohail Raza & Gulshan Majeed.

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